About Our Apparel

The Environment

Here on the Mothership we share many beliefs with you puny humans.  We believe that you should be well dressed but we also agree that this should not be at the expense of your home planet!  For this reason we use Permaset, a water-based textile ink which creates results that are out-of-your-world, without the need for the harmful chemicalations.



Human Welfare

Having observed you for some time now, we on the Mothership have taken pity on you humans (we pity ANY race with only one nose!) and have taken your welfare to hearts. We are therefore transitioning our products to be printed on clothings from American Apparel, a company based in your United States of the Americans.  We like that they make no use of the ‘Sweaty-Shops’ but instead operate an ethical workshop environment in the downtown of LA to create products to the highest quality.